Top performers at Palletways go platinum

Palletways, Europe’s largest and fastest-growing express palletised freight network, has presented 30 of its UK members with a Platinum Club Award – the network’s highest accolade.

The Awards, which were presented at the company’s recent Operations Conference in Sutton Coldfield, are held annually by Palletways to recognise members that over the past year have delivered operational excellence and consistently high standards.

The ceremony recognises achievements from the Palletways members in the fields of Operational Excellence and Sales.

Platinum Club – Operational Excellence

Members have won the award after demonstrating their ability to consistently deliver and collect orders on time, provide on-delivery information to customers, use Palletways’ industry-first ETA technology and demonstrate first-class customer service.

This year’s Palletways Platinum Operational Excellence Award winners include:

Active Carriers
Arthur Oakley Transport Ltd
Berser International Cargo Services
Cammack Transport
Cobley Transport
Cross Country Carriers
Frenni Transport
Gregory Distribution
H&M Distribution
International Forwarding Limited
Kidds Transport Ltd
Mitchell’s of Mansfield
Montgomery Distribution (three depots)
Palletways Birmingham
Palletways Cardiff
Palletways Edinburgh
Pauline Edwards Transport
PC Howard Ltd
Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd
The Pink Link
Sovereign Transport Services
Transland International
Walkers Transport Ltd

Platinum Club – Sales

To win the award, members grew their year-on-year volumes across both domestic and international markets, used Palletways’ Campaign Central platform to reach new and existing customers and achieved the highest increase in pallets per day either regionally or nationally.

This year’s Palletways Platinum Sales Award winners include:

Montgomery Distribution – North region
McGregor Logistics – Midlands region
S Walker Transport – South West region
Madex – South East region

The overall winner of the National Sales Award was:

Sovereign Transport Services – North region

Rob Gittins, Managing Director at Palletways UK, said: “It’s a delight to bestow our top performing members in the UK with this Platinum Award and we’d like to thank them for their ongoing efforts in driving the network forwards over the past twelve months.

“As a business, our goal is to grow our pallet volumes while continuing to provide our customers with a service that’s fast, efficient and reliable. These Awards highlight the dedication of our members and recognises their contribution towards achieving our goals in operational excellence and sales.”

There are over 115 independent transport providers that are part of the Palletways UK network. They benefit from shared expertise and resources from within the group to deliver consignments of palletised freight to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The Palletways Group comprises 450+ depots and 20 hub operations, through which it provides collection and distribution services across 20 European countries, including the UK.